Here's your chance to view 28 fantastic videos presented during the 2012 Native CHAT Film Festival.  Just click on the link below and view your favorite videos.  The video receiving the most views by May 19th will be awarded $200.  Don't wait!  VOTE TODAY!

You can also view individual videos below. Remember, each video you click on will count as a view on YouTube:

Our Strength As Anishinaabe,  Bug O Nay Ge Shig School, Leech Lake Nation

The Circle of Life Circle of Life School, White Earth Nation

White Washed, Nett Lake Village, Bois Forte Nation

Ready to Let You Go, Four Directions Charter School, Minneapolis

Proud Native American, Four Directions Charter School, Minneapolis

Smoking Is Not So Glamorous, Division of Indian Work, Minneapolis

Losing You To The Crowd, Native CHAT, Minneapolis

Asema Is Sacred, Waubun School, White Earth Nation

Smoking Is A Choice, Division of Indian Work, Minneapolis

Crackhead, Cass Lake Bena High School, Cass Lake

Choices, Native CHAT, Minneapolis

Around Here, Native CHAT, Minneapolis

Six Months Pregnant, Native CHAT, Minneapolis

How Alcohol Can Lead to HIV, Native CHAT, Minneapolis

Bro Moments, Cass Lake Bena High School, Cass Lake

Do Not Bully, Cass Lake Bena High School, Cass Lake

Teen Pregnancy, Cass Lake Bena High School, Cass Lake

Stay In School, Cass Lake Bena High School, Cass Lake

Bullies, Waubun School, White Earth Nation

Our Voices, Division of Indian Work, Minneapolis

Stereotypes and Native American Youth, Native CHAT, Minneapolis

Selena's Interview, Native CHAT, Minneapolis

Cute Boys Aren't Always Cute, Four Directions Charter School, Minneapolis

The Thin Line, Red Lake High School, Red Lake Nation

We're In This Together, Nett Lake Village, Bois Forte Nation

Ready for Level 3, Native CHAT, Minneapolis

Bullying Is Not the Ojibwe Way, Naytahwaush Charter School, White Earth Nation

Anishinaabe Bimaadiziwin, Four Directions Charter School, Minneapolis

Native CHAT Photo Documentation

Artist Cayltyn Isham talks about her video White Washed

Check out all the photos from the 2012 Native CHAT Film Festival Just CLICK HERE to see all the fun our young artists had as they presented their videos to the public!

2012 Native CHAT Youth Film Festival

Native CHAT Film Festival is a one-day event where films created by Native Youth of Minnesota will be screened.

The submitted films will be an opportunity for Native youth to share their perspective on important issues: HIV/AIDS, culture & health, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. that affect the communities where they live and grow. The filmmakers will provide an accurate interpretation of what their culture is and carry on the Native American tradition of storytelling through film. The youth participating will develop their skills and use media to build collaborations among Minnesota tribes. The film festival will bring together families and members of the Native community to work toward reducing the stigma of HIV/AIDS and other threats of Native American well being. Ultimately the film festival will be a tool of social justice broadcasting the voices and visions of Indian Country's future.

Native C.H.A.T. Film Festival
phone: 612.722.5670
For more Information, visit our Facebook: Ikidowin IPTF or Native C.H.A.T.

Nay Ah Shing School to Attend Festival

Nay Ah Shing School is proud to send six plus students to the Native Chat Film Festival.  Students worked on a documentary that examines how substance abuse affects their community.  They are proud to share it at the festival and meet the many other young filmmakers that will be present that day.

HIV Video Workshops in White Earth & Red Lake

Artist Kristine Sorensen will be working with students from Red Lake High School and the Circle of Nations School to produce a video shorts that raise HIV Awareness for teens.  The workshops will take place May 10th - 12th both during and after school.  For more information please contact Kristine Sorensen at

Four Directions Charter School to Attend Festival

Artists Sai Thao and Aaron Rosenblum will accompany approximately ten youth from the Four Directions Charter School as they plan to all attend the Native CHAT Film Festival.  The Four Directions Charter School has been promoting video storytelling since 1991 and have been a strong advocate for Native youth in the Twin Cities since it's inception.  We are excited to see that students will be joining this great event.

Red Lake High School to Attend Festival

Three youth artists - Kelly Iceman, Paula Jo Johnson and Loren Stillday will be attending the 2011 Native Chat Film Festival.  School leader Diane Schwanz hopes to attend with them but may have some conflicts with graduation.  If so, In Progress will be ready to step in to bring this talented crew to the festival.

They hope to show Indian Humor 3 as well as a new video short related to raising HIV/AIDS awareness.