Urban Youth Film Workshop

Native CHAT is working with Main Street Project to host a free workshop for youth who are interested in submitting a film for the upcoming Film Festival. The Urban Workshop will be at Nawayee Center School in Minneapolis.

The workshop is a 2 day event beginning on Friday March 11th @4pm-7pm (dinner will be served).  The workshop will continue on Saturday March 12th @10am-4pm (lunch will be served).  The workshop will teach youth to create a storyboard (a plan) for their movie, film the movie, and edit their movie all in one weekend!

To get a jump on the game, start thinking about a story you would like to tell that fits in one of 3 categories:
1)HIV/AIDS, you could make a movie about a person you knew who had HIV, make a movie that shows how HIV is spread, make a movie about how you can prevent HIV, make a movie about getting tested for HIV.  There are many more possibilities!

2) Health & Culture, you can make a movie that shows anything about how you stay healthy, how Native American culture gives you strength, how someone you know has become more healthy.  You probably have an even better idea!

3) Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs, you might make a movie about how alcohol/drugs affect you or your family, what does tobacco mean to Native Americans, how would you prevent kids from using drugs or alcohol.  You can show us what you think is important for people to know.

Please remember that films must be appropriate for kids 13 and older. The films will be screened before the event and must meet the category criteria and be between 2 and 13 minutes long to qualify for the film festival.

Almost everyone will be taking their first try at making films so don't be shy.  This could be your shot!!  Steven Spielberg watch out:)

If you want to come to the workshop RSVP by March 4th call Leslie, Kyle, or Brenna at 612-722-5670 or email nativechat2010@gmail.com.